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CNL Manual

CultureNature Literacy (CNL): Curricular key competences for shaping the future in the Anthropocene

A manual for Theory-Practice Transfer in School and University

The CNL manual (part 1) establishes CultureNature Literacy (CNL) as Anthropocene competency in theory and practice. Numerous examples illustrate this innovative educational concept that focuses on cultural sustainability. The CNL manual is aimed at teachers in schools, colleges, universities, as well as student teachers who want to encourage learners

  • to acquire of fact-based knowledge of human-induced environmental change,
  • to understand nature and culture as a unity and therefore promote corresponding appreciation and shared responsibility, by using innovative didactic ways of teaching science, taking into account digitality, inclusion and participation,
  • to employ creative, critical, solution-oriented, (earth-)systemic thinking,
  • to develop ecological awareness and resilience to face the uncertainties of climate change,
  • to reflect on options for shaping the future in a value-based way.

The CNL Handbook (Part 2) introduces Anthropocene competence as a central theme for school development for the first time, aimed at supporting school principals in promoting Anthropocene competence within the framework of school development. It brings together the expertise of project partners in the fields of leadership, school management, school autonomy, inclusion, digitalization, sustainability, learning organization, and school law. The CNL Handbook subsequently serves as a compendium and keybook in training events for all participating project partners. Therefore, it is a central medium for transferring knowledge into practical use in schools.

The CNL Handbook is available as an open-access publication for free download for use in educational contexts. It is supplemented with Next-Practice examples for school and university that promote CultureNature Literacy as Anthropocene competence: https://cnl.ph-noe.ac.at/cnl-fuer-den-unterricht

Suggested citation for this publication:

Sippl, Carmen & Wanning, Berbeli (Hrsg./Eds.) (2023): CultureNature Literacy (CNL). Schlüsselkompe­tenzen für Zukunfts­gestaltung im Anthropozän. Ein Handbuch für den Theorie-Praxis-Transfer in Schule und Hochschule. / Key competences for shaping the future in the Anthropocene. A manual for theory-practice transfer in schools and universities. Baden: Pädagogische Hochschule Nieder­öster­reich/University College of Teacher Education Lower Austria. DOI: https://doi.org/10.53349/oa.2023.a1.210

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